November 2015 Calendar

Alice is one of the characters most asked to be drawn, even if it’s so common in illustration (I already made many of them) it’s always nice to see and to render such a mix of beauty and strangeness. :lol:



Without the calendar:


To see in high resolution just click the images.

I hope you like it and have a wonderful month! :mrgreen:

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Calendário de Outubro de 2015

Did you think I forgot October’s calendar? No, I just had a little lack in time and inspiration (not for the illustration, but for the wallpaper’s design).

Today’s illustration is for those hot days, when all you want is eat an ice cream (or live in one).

Calendário de Outubro 2015

Without the calendar:


Hope you like it! :mrgreen: Click on the images to download in high resolution and add as wallpaper.

Oh, I’m joining Inktober this year! You can see the daily entries on instagram, tumblr, facebook or snapchat (heymaririn) and at the end I’ll publish all of them here.


Disney Princes

A few months ago I made these Disney princes fanarts to make company to the princesses and I still hadn’t showed them here.



They’re in a different style than the princess, they are smaller and with a bigger head, and I think it suits better my current style. When I look at the princess now I want to draw them all over again, but so many people like them the way they are now, so I’m indecisive. What do you think?

What’s in your bag?

This a super cute tag that is going on for a long time, you have to show your bag and what you usually carry inside it. It can be made through photographs, video or illustration.



My bag is really no fun and I wish I had more cute things to show, like these:lol:

I showed a little of the process of making this illustration at snapchat, add me there: heymaririn.

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September 2015 Calendar

Since the winter went away sooner than expected, I’m already in the spring mood, as is this wallpaper!



Without the calendar:


To download the image in high resolution just click on the images. :)

August 2015 Calendar

How is it August already?! July passed by so fast that I almost didn’t finnish the wallpaper on time. :P

These two love birds, for those who didn’t recognize, are Phillip and Aurora, from Sleeping Beauty. Yes, I like drawing Disney characters a lot, what can I do?


Without the calendar:


To open in high resolution just click the images.

July 2015 Calendar

We’re back to our usual schedule with a very pinky and flowery wallpaper. :lol: This month I made a little fairy who lives in a terrarium, but don’t worry, she gets out sometimes.



Without the calendar:


Click the images to open in a bigger size. This time I made it bigger and with a proportion that can work in any device. Tell me if you like the new size!

Potato chips

A receita de hoje é mais uma feita para preguiçosos como eu. :lol: É super rápida e fica uma delícia!


Você também pode usar batata doce, mas precisa descascar antes (ela tem a casca um pouco mais dura).

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Illustrated look: Ju Romano

Every time I see a picture of this girl I feel like drawing her! She’s pretty and charismatic and has a blog about plus size fashion (in portuguese): Entre Topetes e Vinis.


The look I drew was this one and was made with pencil and watercolors in the Montval paper.

Who else would you like to see in this category?


June 2015 Calendar

Many people ask me to make less girly calendars. I swear I try, but almost every time I draw a boy he looks like a girl, lol! :lol:

This wasn’t the case with this Petit Prince (I think), so I made him into a wallpaper to change things a little bit.


Without the calendar:


I re-read the book to make this illustrations, so I wouldn’t make anything wrong, and it’s very worth it, I recommend it to everyone. :)

My favorite teas

Those who live with me know I’m a crazy tea girl, specially now that the days are getting colder, but I also like cold teas. Now I’m going to tell you which ones are my favorites and how I drink them.



It’s the only tea I can drink without sugar, and I’m an human-ant! It’s usually served in japanese restaurants and it helps with digestion, so I usually eat it when I eat a lot. :lol: It’s better when served hot.

Lemon & ginger


It’s a good tea to drink when you’ve got a cold and it’s also very tasty. I like to drink it hot and with sugar.

Masala Chai


This is an indian tea, I tasted it at Starbucks and fell in love. I don’t recommend drinking it hot, but it’s wonderful when cold, and even more wonderful with milk! :D



This is the more basic one, it’s easy to find and to make and can be served hot or cold, it’s very good either way. It’s also good for your bones and keeps you awake.
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Banana ice cream

Eu já tinha publicado uma receita de sorvete de banana, mas algumas pessoas reclamaram que ela não deu certo, então fiz vários testes e cheguei à essa receita que é mais fácil e também muito mais gostosa!


O açúcar é opcional, e se você tiver um processador de alimentos você nem precisa do leite, só a banana congelada já vira um ótimo sorvete!

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May 2015 Calendar

I couldn’t miss the oportunity to make an autumn themed illustration, right? It’s autumn in Brazil, and if you read this blog for long enough you know it’s my favorite season. :mrgreen:



Without the calendar:



If you like this illustration, you can buy stuff with it at my Society6 shop. :)


I hope you like it and have a wonderful month!

Go outside!

Did you ever get scolded ‘cause you never left your room? :lol:


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I get in a bad mood when...

This post is part of the tag #52semanas. For those who don’t know it’s a game where you answer one question each week with a list of 5 itens. To know more, click here.
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