Calendário de Abril de 2015

I made a simpler drawing for this month’s calendar, but don’t think it was easy! Roses are very hard to paint because of the layers, but they are so pretty it’s worth it.


Without the calendar:


May April be a simple and pretty month too. :)

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Ilustra Day • An animation that changed me

It’s been a while I wanted to participate of Ilustraday, a really cool project for everyone that likes to draw. Every month there’s a different theme that everyone posts on day 15.

I didn’t finish in time, but anyway, here’s my Sailor Moon. Everyone that follows me knows how much I love it and how much it influenced my work. I never get tired of drawing Sailor Moons. :mrgreen:


If you like this drawing you can buy products with it at Society6. :)

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Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear

I got tired of drawing red carpet dresses and did some clothes from the Fall 2015 collections. There’s a lot of nice stuff (and crazy stuff too :lol: ). If you want to see the original pictures you can go to, it’s a great site for this kind of reference.


There’s a lot of pictures there, but I got the ones that I wanted to draw and published the ones that looked ok. :lol:

These drawings were made on my sketchbook, which does not has a watercolor paper, so the painting is a little strange.

Which outfit do you like the most?

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March 2015 Calendar

This month’s calendar has two characters from a game that I love and hate at the same time: League of Legends! It’s super fun and beautiful game, but it shows the worst in each one… If you play it you’ll understand. :lol:

The cuties in this wallpaper are Lulu and Jinx. :mrgreen: I wanted to draw other characters, but there was no time… I intend to draw some more very soon.


Without the calendar:


In the last few weeks I’ve been in a drawing crisis. I liked the sketchs, but didn’t like the final piece, it didn’t matter if it was watercolors, markers, digital, color pencils, I always felt like there was something missing. One day I came across this post about digital watercolors and decided to try it out. It ended up being super fun and I got my excitement! I guess all I needed was to try something new. :)

What do you think about digital watercolors? Would you like to see more drawings in this style?

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Parmesan Cheese Muffins

Já ouvi várias pessoas dizendo que a melhor coisa da Starbucks é o muffin de parmesão, então antes mesmo de provar procurei uma receita parecida na internet e achei essa aqui da Gordelícias. E não é que fica maravilhoso mesmo? :mrgreen: Depois fui na Starbucks pra comprovar, e é mesmo muito parecido! Aí vai a receita:


PS: Na primeira vez que fiz essa receita eu tinha esquecido de comprar ovos, então testei uma dica que vi na internet: trocar ovo por semente de chia! :o Você coloca 1 colher de sopa de chia e 3 de água, deixa descansando por meia hora e… pronto, você tem uma gosma parecida com ovo que pode usar na sua receita. Na minha deu super certo! :D

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February 2015 wallpaper & calendar

This month’s calendar is rainy ’cause maybe it will make it rain here too. I love rainy days, specially now that so many places don’t have water in Brazil. :(


Without the calendar:


The umbrella and white dots were made in Photoshop and everything else is watercolors.

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72° Golden Globe Awards

Hello! Last sunday was the Golden Globe Awards and, like always, I made drawings of my favorite outfits:





It’s really fun to draw party dresses, specially if they have so many different styles.
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January 2015 wallpaper & calendar + gift!

Happy New Year, guys! :D

The time is almost over but I got to bring the calendar/wallaper in the first day of the month.


Without the calendar:


This time, besides the calendar/wallaper I’m releasing a printable version of the full calendar of 2015. I was going to color and then sell it, like last year, but I didn’t have time… So, at least you can download and use it! :)


Click the image above or here to download the PDF.

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December 2014 Calendar

I love this time of the year, the lights, decorations and good vibes! So the calendar is all fancy too (and has a lot of love and cats!).

Eu adoro esse clima de Natal, luzes, decorações e mensagens positivas! Por isso o calendário do mês veio todo decorado também (e com muito amor e gatinhos!).


Without the calendar:


May all those good vibes come to you through this drawing (let me be cheesy, it’s Christmas!).

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November Calendar 2014

This month’s calendar/wallpaper is inspired by the book covers from the series The Selection, by Kiera Cass, ’cause they are wonderful!


Without the calendar:

I liked to draw the girls like that, they seem like ghosts floating.

I’ve only read the first one and it’s not as wonderful as the cover, but I’m curious I’ll have to read the other ones, lol. :lol:

The fourth cover is already out, you can see the drawing in my tumblr.

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Imaginary Shopping - Spring/2014

I simply skipped the winter wishlist because the time went by SO FAST that when I saw it was Spring already (in Brazil)… So I decided to make this wishlist quickly before I blink and it ends.


1) Cloudy flats by Antix. :mrgreen:

2) The recipe book from the website “I Could Kill for Dessert” which is still in pre-order and will come out next month. I’ll be there to get an autograph. :D

3) Kit to make Créme Brûlée. Nham, nham!

4) This super cute pot from Cumbuca Chique.

5) Archive drawer by Tok&Stok to keep my drawings organized.

6) New jeans shorts! There’s no link ’cause I’m still looking for the perfect one.

Making imaginary shopping is almost as fun as real one, lol. :lol: And you, what do you wish for in this Spring?

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Brigadeiro de leite ninho

Essa receita veio do site I Could Kill for Dessert e originalmente ela é de brigadeiro de leite ninho com Nutella, mas quando eu fiz achei que ficava melhor sem a Nutella (e olha que sou uma chocólatra maluca!). Então aqui vai a versão ilustrada dela. É bem simples, espero que vocês façam e gostem tanto quanto eu. :)


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October 2014 calendar

Someone asked me for a drawing with Disney stuff because she was going to travel there. I couldn’t make the drawing, so here is a Disney themed wallpaper. Hope you like it!



Without the calendar:


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Meus seriados preferidos

You have no idea how difficult it was to choose only 5 tv shows to answer this question, I had to re-think my whole life to get to the asnswer, and I still don’t know if it’s the right one (maybe I’m taking this tag thing too seriously :lol: ). I picked the ones I watched more than once and still wasn’t bored.

It’s in order of whose I watched first:


Gossip Girl (just the first 2 seasons)



My So-Called Life ( :mrgreen: Jared Letho :mrgreen: )


Game of Thrones


Doctor Who

Bonus for: Pretty Little Liars, the best awful tv show ever, and Sherlock, that I am watching again in the last few days.

This post is part of the tag #52semanas. For those who don’t know it’s a game where you answer one question each week with a list of 5 itens. To know more, click here.

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Calendário de Setembro de 2014

Lá estava eu, dando uma volta pela internet e pensando “O que raios eu vou desenhar pro calendário desse mês?” quando passo por essa foto linda da Melina Souza no instagram e não pude resistir, tive que desenhá-la. E assim nasceu o calendário de Setembro. :)


Versão sem calendário:

O que acharam?

Depositem nos comentários sugestões para os próximos calendários porque estou ficando sem ideias. :lol:

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